Business Mentoring...

Every business faces challenges, or comes across an opportunity they aren't sure how to maximise. Have you thought about using a business mentor and seeing how they could support you and your business?

Our Managing Director Angie Petkovic, is an experienced business coach, with an eye for spotting your potential and a knack for helping you to translate an idea into reality. She has worked in the beauty industry as a coach for more than seven years, so understands the industry, the businesses and the unique challenges you may be facing. Her expertise has helped businesses and individuals to achieve a wide range of things, from opening a new training school, to launching their second and third, being appointed to a Board, securing an important job role, and even helping to design and engineer a new product range.


Having a business coach can:

  • help keep you focused, so you are more likely to achieve what you set out to do
  • help you look at things differently, identifying alternative ways to do things, that are perhaps simpler or better
  • teach you new skill sets; nobody is perfect, and there is always something that we need to learn. If Angie can't teach you herself, she'll know someone who can

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