Winning back your past clients...

When it comes to your communications strategy, there are huge advantages to targeting clients or stockists you have worked with before. Just because they left you, doesn't mean they don't like you anymore; it may just be that their circumstances changed, they got out of the habit, a therapist left, they got better prices - all sorts of reasons.

The benefits of targeting these 'lapsed' clients include:

  • You have their data / contact, so you can make a personal approach
  • They know your brand already
  • They understand your value and offering; now you just need to let them know what has changed
  • You can incentivise them to return, but they won't expect your product to always be offered at a discount.

Winback is a process and there will be lots of factors affecting how quickly you will see the results and how big they will be. For example, a product house hoping to winback a previous stockist will need to identify the common reasons / likely reason that the customer left, then address this, investing a few months work into a large order with repeat custom. A local salon on the other hand may well see results within a couple of weeks, if not sooner, but will have to ensure a good loyalty programme at the same time to keep them on board.

We are experts at winback and have devised many campaigns that have exceeded client targets and delivered excellent ROI. Why not check out the campaign that we did for BABTAC...